Chalakudy Service Cooperative Bank

The Community Nutmeg Farming Project

Recognising the economical, historical, and sustainability aspects of farming in the area, Chalakudy Service Cooperative Bank has created the ‘Community Nutmeg Farming Project’ in the year 2023. 


The project leverages the existing agricultural capital of the area in nutmeg farming, and creates strong networks across various stakeholders for a more resilient, sustainable, and economically viable model of spice farming.


The 2018 floods wreaked havoc on the nutmeg farming sector of Chalakudy area. Quantity and quality of yield has reduced, farmers are still recovering, and reconfiguring to the new climate patterns that have developed over the past few years.

Chalakudy Service Cooperative Bank is proposing to create a system for the nutmeg farming sector that is based on developing infrastructural components, agricultural information systems, mechanization supports, implementing good agricultural practises, and good manufacturing practises in value addition units, better support systems for farmers impacted by the vagaries of climate change, storage and marketing systems that will create considerable positive returns for farmers, the Bank, and the larger community.


Project is funded under the Agriculture Infrastructure Fund (AIF), supported by NABARD, and Kerala Bank. Technical Management Organisation: RM Agronature Pvt Ltd.